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Why stop using your devices*

when you drive? synctm is a fully integrated, voice activation system, created in partnership with microsoft, that lets you use your favourite devices* while your hands stay safely on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Make and receive calls and a range of other phone features, depending on your phone model, totally hands-free.

Continue a call when getting into or out of your car. The call is automatically transferred between your handset and SYNCTM when you start the engine or turn it off. So there’s no need to hang-up and re-dial.

Ask SYNCTM to play specific tracks, artists, genres, albums and more, hands-free, when you plug your MP3 player into the USB outlet, if your music is categorised.

Stream music wirelessly from your Bluetooth phone or music player.

SYNCTM can read out your incoming text messages, depending on your phone model. It even understands popular abbreviations and emoticons.


Specially-created Microsoft Auto software works with just about any current MP3 player or Bluetooth mobile phone.

Your mobile phone connects (pairs) via Bluetooth technology. SYNCTM automatically connects to your paired phone when you turn the engine on – you don’t even need to take it out of your bag or pocket.

You can pair more than one phone and make one your favourite so SYNCTM automatically connects to it if there’s more than one paired phone in the car.

SYNCTM can automatically download your phone contacts each time you drive, so you can call people just by saying their name. The system doesn’t store your contacts so your private information is secure.

Upgrades and new features and capabilities are easily downloaded via the SYNCTM Owners website


A 4.2-inch screen in the centre console lets you see your settings and current SYNCTM status and mode.

A microphone flush-mounted near the rear view mirror allows SYNCTM to listen to your commands.

Press-button controls on the steering wheel allow you to answer and end phone calls and talk to SYNCTM,without your hands leaving the steering wheel.

The SYNCTM media hub has both a USB and auxiliary outlet.